Follow Your Arrow


This song has been super inspirational to me during my journey to make the most difficult decision of my life. My new motto- follow your arrow wherever it points- thanks Kasey!

If you can’t lose the weight
Then you’re just fat
But if you lose too much
Then you’re on crack
You’re damned if you do
And you’re damned if you don’t
So you might as well just do
Whatever you want
Make lots of noise
Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s something you’re into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight
Roll up a joint, or don’t
Just follow your arrow
Wherever it points, yeah
Follow your arrow
Wherever it points
Link to youtube video:

Kasey Musgraves- Follow Your Arrow

2 thoughts on “Follow Your Arrow

  1. So amazing! Good for you for following the thread to find what it is that ignites your passion! One of the things I tell myself is to just keep stepping forward and to not let the distractions and fears stop me. You can so do this! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I’m excited to see what new adventure this space created for you! Keep up the great work! ❤️😘


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