Chicago Tourist Day

Most of my blog posts have been about my experiences traveling the world.  I would be remiss not to mention how amazing it can be to be a tourist in your own city for a day. I’ve lived in the city of Chicago for almost 10 years now. About 4 years ago I realized what a routine I had gotten into. Going into the loop every day for work, I rarely took a  minute to stop and look up to admire the amazing skyscrapers that I walked by every day. I rarely got out to enjoy the food that makes Chicago such a desirable place to visit.  After realizing this, I decided to make a change.  My friend and I decided every year we would have a day dedicated to exploring our own city, and we named it “Chicago Tourist Day”.  Here’s a little glimpse into some things we have experienced on tourist days:

Double decker bus tour- we loved this- if you can catch on a beautiful day, it’s a great way to get some sun and learn some cool facts about the city.


Cubs game- never a dull moment at one of these


Taking public transportation- lots of times the journey of getting there really adds to the experience.


Chicago river kayaking tour- it’s a lot harder than I thought with the big boats going by, but great exercise.


It wouldn’t be a true Chicago tour without a food toor- the Chicago pizza tour is one of my favorite tours because you get to try a variety of different kinds of pizzas, but there are also fun neighborhood food tours, and taste of Chicago tours that include pizza, hot dogs, and of course the infamous Billy Goat Tavern.


DSC00516 DSC00517     DSC00527 DSC00528     DSC00537 DSC00538

Segway are a great way to get around the city, and a hilarious experience driving around on them. I was scared to try, but once I did it, I would highly recommend.

DSC00539 DSC00548 DSC00552


It’s also really fun to explore the city through the eyes of a child.  Last weekend, I was lucky enough to have my Godson for the weekend.  I picked him up from the school on Friday, and on our way down to the city he said, “Aunty Katie, you are really lucky to live in the city- your are on vacation every day!” I thought about it, and he’s right- I am on vacation every day, and I love it!! Here are some pics of some fun winter activities to do in the city!!


Take public transportation everywhere- it’s fun, cheap, and gives you an opportunity to check out the city from a new angle 🙂


The bean is great to take pictures by no matter what season. Ice skating in Millennium Park or at the new Maggie Daley Park skating ribbon is a blast, and having hot chocolate while they are cleaning the ice it a must. The new park at Maggie Daley Park is huge and can bring hours of fun!



It’s so pretty to walk along the river, or Michigan avenue no matter what time of year- make sure to stop in Dylan’s Candy Shop- a little kid (okay, and possibly big kid’s) dream!


Brooklyn Boulders is also a great place for some indoor adventure rock climbing!



No matter where you live, make sure to make life a vacation!

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