Meet Flat Stanley

In less than a week I will embark on my first trip to Asia… solo. I’ve gone through lots of emotions planning this trip.  At first, extreme excitement about visiting my 5th continent in 2 years. Then, even more excitement when I decided on Thailand and started researching the culture, the beautiful temples, the beaches, and the food.  Then came a little doubt when I went to the travel clinic, and the doctor was asking me about my plans.  At one point he said “Aren’t you nervous going there by yourself?” I hadn’t really thought about it before this comment.  I was more into the planning and excitement, and hadn’t thought about the potential risks involved with being a female traveling alone.  Since then, I have researched all potential risks and can confidently say I’m ready to go.  With all that is going on in the world today, you never know when a risk can present itself, but I don’t want that to stop me from having new experiences.

Soo… at this point my biggest concern is how I will be able to document myself in Thailand?? I won’t have a friend to trade off taking pics with, so I finally bit the bullet and invested in a selfie stick.  I will also be bringing flat stanley with me (courtesy of my dad) so if I can’t be in pictures, at least he can.

Wish me luck, and look for updates soon!

3 thoughts on “Meet Flat Stanley

  1. I’m excited for you, Katie. Should be a wonderful experience. For clarification, the little “Flat Stanley” is really called “Welcome Man”. He’s been our studio mascot for many years and is packed with good luck. Can’t wait to see pics of his adventures with you.


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